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On Call Contracting Group is an industry expert in the installation, repair and restoration of roofing.  Our licensed building contractors have over 30 years of experience installing residential and commercial roofs throughout Northern Virginia.  We have the capacity, knowledge and expertise to handle any metal roof project.

Many property owners are unaware of the significant damage hail and wind can have to roofing.  On the ground, damage to a roof can go undetected.  Even though your property may not have suffered structural damage, there may be storm damage that will eventually affect the roof structure. Our experts can specifically identify detrimental storm damage to a roof.  We provide a detailed inspection of the roof and property and educate the owner if any damage is found.  Roofs are susceptible to damage when exposure to hail, wind and strong storms occur.

Roof Installation, Repair & Restoration

The majority of roofs are easily damaged by hail.  A damaged roof is susceptible to leaking and further damaging your property.

Roofing components such as the ridge and hip caps, gabled end trim and eave trim, and any place where panel edges meet are the most vulnerable to hail damage.  Indentation and breaks in these components allow moisture build-up and leaks.

Roofing can be affected by hail, wind, and storm damage.  Resistance to hail and storm damage depends on the materials and roofing products installed on your property.  Damaged roofing makes the roof more prone to moisture intrusion and can cause leaking.  Damage can affect the overall quality and performance of your roof and decrease your property value if not properly repaired.

Roofing Storm Damage Assessment

Our expertise lies in identifying storm damage to roofs, and we fully diagnose the scope of damage.  We are industry experienced professionals in all types of roofing for residential and commercial properties.

Many properties in the Northern Virginia area were affected by the recent storms.  The majority of these property owners are unaware of the extent of the damage.  One of our trained Estimators will provide you will a full property assessment, at no charge to you! Call On Call Contracting Group today for a free property inspection.

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